Regional Chapters

SSN encourages our members to participate in their regional chapters.

A city  with at least 15 registered members of the SSN  may request permission to organize  regional chapter. Chapter designation may be applied for at any time and will be expeditiously considered by the executive committee.

SSN members in that region should email the following to the SSN General Secretary:

  • ♦        A letter expressing interest in organizing a regional chapter
  • ♦        Proposed officers for the chapter
  • ♦        Proposed regional office

Each chapter should abide by the rules and regulation of the SSN.

SSN will support the regional chapters to conduct clinical meetings, research, training and other activities.

A Chapter shall remain a Chapter until and unless its Charter is terminated. A Charter may be terminated by either the Chapter or SSN at any time for any reason, with or without cause, on thirty days written notice to the other party. Upon termination by either party for any reason, the Chapter must immediately cease utilizing the SSN name and acronym and may no longer claim any affiliation with SSN.




Mid west region: Gandaki Chapter, Pokhara

Established under Dr Dhurba Bahadur Adhikari on 2069/05/28.


Central region:  Chitwan Chapter, Chitwan

Established 2017

The Chitwan District (Nepali: चितवन जिल्ला) is one of 75 districts of Nepal, and is located in the south-western part of Narayani Zone with Bharatpur, the fifth largest city of Nepal, as its district headquarters. It covers an area of 2,238.39 km2 (864.25 sq mi), and in 2011 had a population of 579,984 (279,087 male and 300,897 female) people. Bharatpur is a commercial and service centre of central south Nepal and merger destination for higher education, health care and transportation of the region.